This space is filled with treasures with Mom and sisters (Sisko) talents combined!  You will find fresh and thriving plants, locally made candles very unique with fabulous scents, and you just have to see the hand woven baskets!  Cozy lamps, small furniture, pillows, lotion and more!  This space is constantly changing so stop in and see what is new!

Introducing Daisy Gray!  This local vendor has created a customer base with her lotion and lotion bars, (inc a Light Lemon For Face  I just love)  Some of the flavors are pomegranate orange, oat milk n honey, peppermint, rhubarb.  Daisy Gray also sells a soothing chap stick available in wide or narrow tubes in cinnamint, lavendar, key lime and others.  You will find warm beautiful handmade wool blend mittens, bath bombs and a unique variety of concrete items!!

If you appreciate pottery,  you must see the handcrafted mugs and dinnerware treasures this creative and talented vendor has for you!!   The perfect sized plates and bowls make a great gift or select the combination to suit your needs.  This space also makes fabulous natural soy wax candles in a combination of flavors, the just peachy is my personal fav😊

You must see to appreciate!!  Beautiful woven rugs in wool or cotton blends, just about every color, every one so unique it's hard to choose! This vendor is from Finland and she has a loom she has used for years.  These rugs are woven to last and they are washable!  This seamstress also has beautiful doll clothes for your American Girl, little hand knit dolls, runners and darling hedgehogs! 

Arrowhead Ironworks is a spectacular addition to our store!!!  The craftsmanship is evident in each piece he makes!  Simply made to last forever.  You will have to admire the Great Lakes design in hammered copper and all of our North Shore attractions from Splitrock Lighthouse to the Edna G.  Also sharing this space we have crafts by Jo! You will find a stunning array of macrame in ever changing styles.  Also, cards and handy scrubbies are just a few more of her treasures😊

introducing Remi!!  We are thrilled to have this local seamstress with her individual style and talent.  Note the little boys cap, warm and classic!  The leather hair clips are ever the big seller.  Always professionally made, this booth is always changing and has lots to offer 😊

Meet Superior Finds!! This vendor sells an amazing ‘Soothing Herbal Pack’ guaranteed to soothe and relax with chamomile, lavender, peppermint and other herbs.  Removable flannel may be washed for years of use! You may want to start with two...more from Superior Finds includes eye catching canvases w lights, unique magnets, key chains and more!

LUSH baby and more!! We have a talented seamstress who brings an array of clothing for infants to nursing moms!! The nursing dresses are ever popular, she sews stunning Christening gowns, girls zipper dresses, classy and well, lush!  And we have to mention the swaddle blankets, booties, bibs and neck warmers!

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